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FAQ: Tips for your Engagement Session ~ What to Wear & More!

One of my goals for this off season is to catch up on some FAQ posts and tips for clients!! So here we go!! šŸ™‚ I wrote a

FAQ: Wedding Album Design Process Updated ~ Heirloom Wedding Albums

It’s been a few years since I originally posted about this topic, and since our process has changed a bit since

FAQ: Wedding Reception Flash Lifesaver ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Hey friends!!! We are headed out to shoot our first wedding of our 2015 season in Baltimore this weekend and I

FAQ: Self-Employed Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments + Saving for Taxes

We’re going to be chatting about all this stuff at our workshop this coming Sunday & Monday – but

FAQ: My Story (part 3) ~ How We Became a Self-Employed Photography Team ~ The Whole Shebang!

I’ve been getting lots of emails lately from other photographers who have more recently stumbled upon our work

FAQ: 3 Easy Posing Tips ~ Chicago Wedding Photography

Hey guys!! This post has been on my mind for a while, and I finally have a minute to share!! Yay!! I’ve been

FAQ: Ona Camera Bag Review ~ Wedding Photography Gear

I did a postĀ about a year and a half agoĀ talking about all the gear we use, which actually, just within a year a lot

FAQ: Prepping Images for my Blog, Facebook, & Internet ~ Photography Questions

I actually got asked this question via email 3 times within a week and immediately wrote it on my list of things to