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The Perfect Sunday Night ~ Chicago Lifestyle Photographer

The perfect Sunday night after a long weekend of work… Cooking some tasty comfort food while sipping a glass of

August Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes ~ Chicago Lifestyle Photographer

I remember thinking August was going to be a “slower” month around here… and while it was slower

Points & Ponderings ~ Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Chicago Lifestyle Photographer

I just realized I haven’t done one of these since April so I figured it was high time! Although I guess this

The Great Blueberry Pie Fiasco ~ Chicago Lifestyle Photographer

My oldest nephew LOVES pie. If I could make the word “loves” as big as the room to emphasize how much he

Curly Hair How-To ~ Easy Styling for Naturally Wavy Hair

As I’ve gotten older, it seems with each year comes something new. When I hit my late 20’s I developed

July Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes ~ Chicago Lifestyle Photographer

I honestly think July flew by faster than any month yet this year, so the fact that it is August today is kind of

JT, Jay-Z, and 25 Again

Well, I’m not going to lie – I was super tired and had a to-do list a mile long leading into last

Summer Bucket List Update ~ Chicago Lifestyle Photographer

It’s hard to believe we’re a solid month into summer (technically), and 2 months in by normal standards! I