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Behind the Scenes of our 2017 (& 2016!) Wedding Seasons ~ Chicago Husband & Wife Wedding Photography Team

One of my favorite posts of the year – the oh so embarrassing behind the scenes!! I realized when putting this

Website Update (Finally!) ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

You guys!!! My goodness, it is by some miracle that I FINALLY got our website updated! I needed to do this since Chrome

FAQ: How to Take Your Life Back in your Business ~ Our Outsourcing Process Part 1

Are you feeling like your business runs you? Are you a slave to your to-do-list – constantly with a mile long

6 Years ~ Self-Employment: A Look Back

James and I were driving home from dinner out as a family Monday after the boys’ 18-month wellness checks at the

Business Intensive Workshop Registration Now OPEN!

Back in 2011 shortly after going full-time – I had a bit of a meltdown. I was feeling so incredibly overwhelmed

A 2-Day Business Intensive Wedding Photography Workshop

Hello, loves!!! I am SOOO excited to get our new and improved advanced workshop launched!!! We’ve been doing

Self-Employment: Presence vs. Paranoia ~ Life Behind the Scenes of a Small Business

So… I’ve been living out of a place of fear lately and have been holding this post close to my heart for a

Pregnancy FAQ Part 4: Determining & Handling your Maternity Leave

This is Part 4 of my Pregnancy FAQ series. If you missed the previous posts you can find them here: Part 1: Preparing