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Self-Employment: 2016 Goals Check In ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

It is crazy to think that I wrote our goals for last year when I was almost 34 weeks pregnant with the boys and so huge

FAQ: Wedding Album Design Process Updated ~ Heirloom Wedding Albums

It’s been a few years since I originally posted about this topic, and since our process has changed a bit since

2016: Goals for a New Adventure of a Year

As I sit down to write this year’s goals post, I’m currently 33.5 weeks pregnant with twins and wearing

Behind the Scenes of our 2015 Wedding Season ~ Chicago Husband & Wife Wedding Photographers

I mentioned this in our 2015 year-end post … but I still can’t believe all these weddings and shoots

:: 2015 :: The Year of Peaks and Valleys ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Each year I do a year-end summary – mostly for myself to reflect on the past year and to remember everything we did. I

2015 Goals Check-In – Chicago Wedding Photographer

I’m going to be honest here and let you know that once busy season hit – especially in June & July

Due Dates, Maternity Leave & Other Questions

Hello, loves!! I’ve been getting A LOT of questions lately from friends, family, industry peers, and potential

A Professional Photographer’s Facebook PSA: Don’t Crop Your Profile Picture!

Facebook was making me really angry for a while there – because they left you no option but to crop whatever