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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Emily + Carl ~ Wisconsin Wedding Photography

Emily and I go way, way back. We grew up together, and were close friends as kids… attending the same teeny tiny

Jackson 2-Year Photos ~ Wisconsin Lifestyle Children’s Photography

I can’t believe my best friend’s little guy is already turning 2!!! Where does the time go?? After all, it

The Process ~ Behind the Scenes at CTP

When I was going through the photos of Erin & Bret’s wedding to post yesterday – I couldn’t help

Erin + Bret ~ Anchor Inn Wedding ~ Chesapeake Bay Maryland Wedding Photography

Oh my gosh – I’m not even sure where in the world to start – except to say that Erin and Bret’s

You Are Here ~ Chicago Lifestyle Photographer

I’ve been in the process of slowly reading (and re-reading) the book, You Are Here by Thich Nhat Hanh since I

Self-Employment: Lessons Learned the Hard Way ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

As it turns out, as much as we want to believe that we have all our ducks in a row… sometimes, well, we just

6th Sense ~ Wisconsin Lifestyle Photographer

We were up in Wisconsin for the weekend, shooting our 2nd wedding of the year for the awesome Emily & Carl (sneak

Home Sweet Puppy ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Well, we finally made it home! Approximately 36 hours after our original arrival time – but we made it!!! And