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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Christy Tyler Photography Blog Reader Survey!

Hey you guys! I’ve been interested lately to find out more about my readers! Back when I first started this blog

The Nerdiest Nerd ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Yesterday I braved the snowy, slushy, gray Chicago day to run some errands that couldn’t be put off for one more

Moments ~ 2012 in Review ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

When 2012 ended I was still so immersed in all of it that I couldn’t look subjectively at the work we made last

Life ~ Quote Post

I’ve been doing my best the last few weeks since What If to live this way. So when I saw this little wooden block

Sisters ~ Chicago Portrait Photographer

I don’t think I can adequately explain HOW EXCITED I am that my one and only sister is coming to visit me in

FAQ: Gear – What’s In Our Bags ~ Chicago Wedding Photographers

I get a lot of emails from people asking what gear we use. I always put off posting this for various reasons, but I

Self-Employment Struggles: Daily Essentials for Happiness ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Back when I worked at the law firm, I grew to hate the daily grind of the same routine… getting up at a certain

Quote Post ~ Roses ~ Chicago Proposal Photographer

I saw this quote yesterday and I couldn’t help but share it here because I just love it so