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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Milestones and Memory Lane ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

This year as March approached – I began to try and wrap my head around the idea of 5 years. Five.      Years. It

Defeating the Purpose ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I don’t know… you tell me… Does it defeat the purpose of buying mini-popcorn bags if James and I eat

Nora + Jeff ~ Downtown Chicago ~ Chicago Engagement Photography

When I first met Nora and Jeff in early February to grab a beer and chat about their wedding, it felt more like I was

The Adorable Terror ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Once upon a time, 6 months ago, we adopted an adorable little puppy. We brought her home, and she immediately acted as

Video Blog ~ Home Office Tour ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Hi guys! Okay – so as I promised last week – I taped a video blog for today! It’s pretty terrible,

Mental Health Day in the City ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I can’t lie… things have been a little tough around here this month. And after sitting in my office,

Gautam + Preeti ~ Adler Planetarium ~ Chicago Proposal Photography

I have to say – when I get an email from a soon-to-be groom planning his surprise Chicago proposal to his

Sweet Summertime (in Spring) ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I watched for weeks while people talked about grilling on Facebook & Twitter, and then started posting photos of