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Monthly Archives: September 2010


Today an impromptu dinner was planned. (Can you plan an impromptu dinner?) Either way – it was last

cake, candles & rose

For the last few months (basically since photography season started in May) I rarely saw my family unless it was a

leah + christian ~ wedding photography

Today seems the most perfect day of any to post about Leah and Christian’s wedding. You see, the Packers and the

pretty things

I see so many things from day to day that make me think…. that I’ve

bed hog

It appears as of late that somebody loves our new, spacious bed even more than James and I do… For being a

#280, #281, #282 & #283…

Some of you may remember another post of mine where I made a nice long list of reasons I love fall.  Well, today

oy vey

In an attempt at avoiding a negative post today – I’m not going to say a lot. Just that the end of the

sneak peek: leah + christian ~ wedding photography

Here is a little sneak peek from Leah & Christian’s wedding that took place in Janesville, Wisconsin over