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Monthly Archives: August 2010

din din

James called me around 3pm at work today and offered to pick me up (which is pretty exciting because the bus can kind


I’m terrible at unpacking. As in – Really. Bad. At. It.  We’ve been home from our trip for two


I tried to find her name on various baby name websites – but go figure – there aren’t a lot of

little wyatt ~ children’s/family photography

Wyatt is adorable. It’s pretty obvious up on first glance at this child from a distance, and even more obvious

maggie + jamie ~ wedding photography

Oh this wedding… I loved it. Everything about it. The bride & groom, the guests, the location, the

monday, monday

I was going to start this post by trash-talking the people who sang the song “Monday, Monday” – but

the miskell’s ~ family/children’s photography

I had the pleasure of shooting Kitch and Jeremy’s beautiful family (for the 2nd time) the same day I shot

irene + michael ~ anytime photography

Let’s try this again — (Pleeeease let me upload pics Mr. Bloggie-Blog… please! …. oh yay!